There are basic factors to consider before choosing a hotel for your big day (Yes! You need a fancy location for your getting ready stage).

Well, consider interference from your aunts and cousins on every stage of your make-up and gele session as they all have a vivid idea on what you should look like or having conversations that put you (the bride or the groom) in a wrong mood. Believe me, on your wedding morning, you want to be clear headed and at peace with your self. So yes! You do need a fancy location to get ready for church from.

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You have agreed to the idea of lodging at a really nice hotel or resort to get ready for your big day but then you have no idea on which hotel will be best for the occasion, well, here are a few tips on how to choose a hotel for your wedding.




Proximity to Church: What’s the distance between your church and the hotel location? It should be at most a 30 minutes drive distance, (traffic inclusive) so you arrive at your church venue in time, no rush, no fuss!!



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Affordability: Is the hotel within your budget? How affordable is it? Its best for you and your spouse or anyone available to assist you to scout for hotels around your church, know their rates before deciding on any particular one. Don’t hesitate to ask for a discount especially if you would be booking more than two rooms.




Ambience: Before deciding on what hotel to lodge in, try to imagine what it would look like in pictures, is the surrounding picture worthy? All I’m trying to say here is make sure that it’s a beautiful well-decorated hotel both indoor and outdoor as your pictures and videos would come out a lot better if you have a beautiful place to work with.ToChidi2015_(168_of_1000)




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Room Size: Ensure that you are getting a spacious room. While getting ready, you don’t want to feel chocked up because of the number of people in your room, so always go for rooms with more windows and enough space to accommodate you, your make-up artist, hair stylist, photographer, videographer etc.





Light: Ensure your room is well lit as you need a good amount of light in your room  for your make-up, your photography, your hair styling, etc. Most times make-up is done directly facing the source of natural light, so its best your room is well lit and you have large windows that light can penetrate in to the room through.

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IMG_8643Mirror Mirror on the wall: Ensure you have a large mirror in your room so you can have a good look at your self when you have worn your outfit completely, often times after dressing up brides and grooms alike always end up running to the bathroom to check out themselves, and anything could go wrong in the process.129958

Hangers: When you choose a room, check out the type of hangers in the wardrobe, are they removable? if not, make a note to bring a white, black,brown or steel hanger for your outfit (other colors may distract you from your focus in pictures.) and do remember to bring it along with you for your big day.(Endeavor to pack enough hangers for you, your spouse, bridal party, second outfit, etc.)



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I know these few tips would guide you into making better choices of hotels for your big day and your memories will be clearer, brighter and beautiful!


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    These are very useful tips worthy of note from your experience. Thanks GazReplyCancel